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Matthew Robb

Matthew Robb is an UK singer songwriter, based in Cologne, Germany.
After a period of living in the wild, in the mountain areas of the Andes, then the Rockies, he returned to Europe.

Upon acquiring a piece of land in a community in Cologne and building a home from reclaimed material, he now lives there with his partner and three children.
All the time Matthew could be found picking and playing the old time blues on guitar and performing original poetry at slams and festivals around Europe.

This developed into the lyrical style of songpoetry that he now takes to the stage.
A selection of these searching tales and songs of praise to the everyday can be found on his latest release ‘Spirit in the form’.

“The wordsmith of all time. I love Matt’s ethos……” Anthony Werneke, Replay Acoustics  www.replayacoustics.co.uk

Matthews Website: matthewrobb.com