WabiSabi Music Cologne




WabiSabi music is a combined recording facility and record label with the emphasis on acoustic roots and folk music styles.

Established by Christoph in Aachen 2002, we relocated to Cologne in 2011.

We seek to offer the artist who particularly values the subtleties of honest individual musical expression married with a
purity of sound, an authentic opportunity of realizing their sonic vision within the recording environment whilst
preserving these values throughout the production mixing and visual presentation stages of CD composition.


Mixing is an art in itself:
To be aware that each link in the recording chain between artist and listener will add its own subtle
tonal color is a good platform from which to begin.
The choice of compression, effects and equalizer, monitor speakers, and mixer will all play their part
in the shaping of the sound. Whether the goal is to faithfully maintain the sound of a favorite amp or guitar;
or to let technology play a greater role in forming your anticipated sound scape, knowledge of which
equipment to use and how to use it are vitally important.

Wabi Sabi offers a comprehensive mixing facility where the artist is provided with the important combination
of top class equipment and professional user skills with which to bring their musical mosaic together.




The dilemmas concerning mastering are much speculated about in recording circles.
At WabiSabi we work closely with a number of specialist mastering facilities, therefore providing maximum options to the artist.

We also offer the option of carrying out smaller scale mastering operations at our own studio.
This would particularly suit acoustic projects or those on a tighter budget.

Whilst this option does not offer the same range of possibilities as specialist establishments might,
the results are well able to compete in the professional market.


Live Recording

For the artist that wants to stay true to the spontaneity and feel of live performance, WabiSabi Music provides 24 channels of mobile recording equipment and will carry out the task of getting those precious signals to tape discreetly, insuring that the essence of the live show will not be inhibited in any way.

Past live recording projects completed include rock acts, jazz bands, acoustic groups and troubadours,
a classical guitarist and a cathedral choir.


CD Replication

WabiSabi Music also provides a CD manufacturing and duplication service with full graphic design and layout
delivering the finished product on time and without hassles.